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, what it's like being a 20 year veteran in music, and why the label of "Christian artist" is not always the best thing for getting the gospel heard. Christian Post: Do you feel music is a gateway to evangelism, and why do you think people are more receptive to music?Derek Webb: I don't really feel like music is a gateway to evangelism. There are some people who feel called to be professional vocational ministers, that their job is ministry, I don't personally feel that way. My job description and the basis upon which I make choices about how to do my job is hoping to make excellent art and to write and perform songs with excellence.

I also am the President of Noisetrade and run that company, so that's about three days a week for me and part of my every day work that I do. So that sounds like three or four full-time jobs right there.

I feel like even if you're intention is to evangelize and do ministry, it's smarter to not put a category on something before people even have a chance to hear it or experience it.

That might alienate them and keep them from even wanting to give it a try in the first place, especially if they might really love it.

If your ego can bear not being a household name or ever making seven figures in a year, you can have a great job as an independent artist.

But if what you're looking for is fame and fortune, you should probably get into another line of work.

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