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Allen offered to help the sheriff's office investigate drug-use in the Mexico high school in 1991, according to police reports. " Pietroski asked Mensch of his conversation with Van Patten. A woman who answered the door at Mensch's home told he had no comment.

Thibodeau was the only person convicted of kidnapping and presumably killing Allen. Live coverage of the Heidi Allen kidnapping hearing, Day 7 Gary Thibodeau's lawyer, Lisa Peebles, has argued that his jury likely would have acquitted him if he'd had access to evidence related to Allen's work as a confidential informant -- particularly the public disclosure of her position.

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Much later, when Jewett was working at WEMU, and the station was one of many public radio stations across the country that broadcast "Jazz Revisited," Hazen and Rusty Schumacher came into the studio during a fundraiser, thus forming a bridge between Jewett's past and future.

For Jewett came to work at WUOM (now known as Michigan Radio) in '86 or '87; and when Schumacher's sound engineer for "Jazz Revisited" left, Jewett got the job.

They're just great people, and terrific friends." Jewett met Shirley "Rusty" Schumacher first, actually, when she was his teacher at Clague Middle School in the '70s.

Mensch denied to investigators that the motorcycle club was involved. Steen, who is serving a term of life in prison for the 2010 murder of his wife and her boyfriend, has denied having anything to do with Allen's disappearance.

GEOLINO EXTRA befasst sich in jeder Ausgabe mit nur einem einzigen Thema aus den Feldern Mensch, Natur und Technik.

Mensch, 43, is a former member of the Vicious Circle motorcycle club, which has surfaced in the Allen case.

Megan Shaw testified in the hearing that possible new suspect James Steen told her he'd helped dispose of Allen's body as a way to get into the club.

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The card had information indicating she was a confidential informant.

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