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We value and cherish you.”Though Wiesel offers himself as a paragon of moral virtue, the truth is somewhat seamier.

As detailed in this myth-shattering piece by Alexander Cockburn from the February 2006 print edition of Counter Punch, Wiesel assiduously campaigned for the Nobel Prize and has for decades tried to pass off his short book “Night” as a true account–a “testimony” in his words– of his experiences at Auschwitz, even though key scenes in the book have been exposed as fiction. Clair When in trouble, head for Auschwitz, preferably in the company of Elie Wiesel.

It’s fun to think of Oprah grilling Lawrence about his claims, freshly exposed on Smoking Gun, telling him she felt “really duped” but that, “more importantly, I feel that you betrayed millions of Orientalizing masochists who believed you”., which had the good fortune to see republication at this fraught moment in Oprah’s literary affairs.

That same evening, January 17, readers that in 1996, Naomi Seidman, a Jewish Studies professor at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California, had compared the original 1956 Yiddish version of the book with the subsequent, drastically edited translation., Cohen wrote, “Wiesel substantially rewrote the work between editions — suggesting that the strident and vengeful tone of the Yiddish original was converted into a continental, angst-ridden existentialism more fitting to Wiesel’s emerging role as an ambassador of culture and conscience.” — than any railway station in the world.) to ask the supposed rapist for his side of the story.They hurried off to Turkey and tracked down the town to which the Bey had retired, arriving at his home only to learn he’d died not long before.In the earlier Yiddish, Wiesel holds that upon seeing his reflection he smashed the mirror and then passed out, after which ‘my health began to improve.’)”That said, Cohen emphasized that whereas “Frey, for one, seems to have falsified the facts of his life in order to satisfy ego and the demands of the market, Wiesel’s liberties seem more like reconsiderations, his process less revision than interpretation.Reading one encounters the birth of thought about the Holocaust – the future of history, concomitant with its study.

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The set’s cover refers to the works as ‘Three Tales by Elie Wiesel.’ In a later edition of the same volume, Wiesel refers to all three books as ‘narratives,’ although he calls Though sales have now soared, I’m not sure how many people will read Night now, beyond buying the new edition as a gesture of solidarity with Oprah and survivors of the Holocaust.

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