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A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon (1988): Jimmy's prom dateloses her shoe in the garden and he won't give it back, so she runs away without it.

Whoever they match is their partner for the next dance and supper.

Finally, she kicks off the remaining right shoe and gets up.

Story and photo credits belong to "Feeture Feature"; click here for youtube footage (starts at 1min20secs)discovered by "bean zip".

The Joker picks hershoe up and throws it away after kissing it.

Later, Batman findsthe shoe abandoned shoe climbing up the stairs. Pay it Forward: The taxi lets Helen Hunt's character out at the restaurant and she sees him leaving.

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He is walking so quickly that she has to half-run tokeep up with him. You see the wife trying to hop along to keep her foot off the grass then she just runs along in one shoe.

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