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She didn't dare mention to her mother that she was scared to death of boys, and her mother wouldn't listen to her excuses.

So now she was forced to go on this darned old trip to the state fair with a bunch of Young Farmers Club kids she didn't know. Her twin brother Tim was up front somewhere, gabbing with some new boyfriend he'd made a few minutes ago.

The flesh-and-blood boys had only one thing on their minds -- how to take advantage of a girl every chance they got.

And real boys all carried that hard weapon between their legs, that masculine appendage that gave Denise the shivers even to think about.

The blonde girl leaned over, petting her dog on the head.

Her tits bulged as they dangled and nearly escaped from their tiny cups. You won't even know he's here." The driver gawked at the girl's tits as if he were hypnotized by them. " "Yes sir," the blonde said, smiling as she began to lead the dog up the aisle.

Denise looked up front, along with all the other kids.She hoped to get lost in a good story and completely block out this trip she'd been forced to take by her parents."You need to socialize more," her mother was always saying."I'm not supposed to let any animals on this bus," the driver said.He was a fat, middle-aged man in a gray uniform, and he was sweating heavily in the summer heat.

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